Airbus A380 landing at Dusseldorf airport. Screenshot from YouTube
Airbus A380 landing at Dusseldorf airport. Screenshot from YouTube


Gigantic two-story plane skids frighteningly during high-wind landing, video shows

By Jared Gilmour

October 06, 2017 04:23 PM

Passengers on an Emirates Airbus A380 that landed in Dusseldorf, Germany on Thursday afternoon are probably glad they had their seat belts fastened and tray tables secured.

When the gigantic airliner touched down on the tarmac with strong crosswinds whipping the plane, it appears to nearly careen off the runway, video shows — before correcting, bringing the hulking passenger jet back on course.

The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger plane in the world, according to Conde Nast Traveler. It can seat more than 500 passengers in its two-story, four-cabin design.

Crosswinds clocked in at about 20 miles per hour when the plane landed, Conde Nast Traveler reports, as a result of a storm in northern Germany that was pounding Hamburg and Berlin with hurricane-force winds and rain, sometimes reaching as much as 75 miles per hour.

Footage of the incident recorded by Martin Bogdan, known as Cargospotter on YouTube, has been viewed more than a million times.

“I have filmed a few thousand crosswind landings at several airports in Europe within the past years, but this Airbus A380 crosswind landing was extremely hard and extraordinary,” Bogdan said in the video’s description. “I have never seen such a tremendous reaction of an airplane after a touchdown.”

A spokesperson for Emirates said that no one was injured.

“Emirates flight EK 55 on 5 October 2017 landed safely in Dusseldorf under strong crosswind conditions,” a spokesperson for the airline said, according to Fox News. At no point was the safety of the passengers and crew on board compromised.”