An embarrassment of riches this year for Observer’s Pulitzer-winning cartoonist

Editorial Page Editor

December 30, 2016 6:00 AM

Talk about a kid in a candy store. With the news that 2016 brought, Observer editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers had an embarrassment of riches from which to choose as he sharpened his pencil each morning. All the things that marred your year sweetened his, or at least made his job easier.

Each day, he could ask himself: Should I draw Hillary’s lying nose? Or Trump embracing a topless Putin? Should I draw Gov. Pat McCrory as the Coal Ash Kool Aid man? Or the Republican legislative elephant stomping McCrory flat? Should I draw something funny, like FBI director Jim Comey as a jack-in-the-box? Or something poignant, like police and African-Americans alike despondent over officer shootings?

Whatever topic Siers chose, he treated it with the same wit, thoughtfulness and artistic expertise that won him the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning, the most prestigious recognition in his field.

Siers’ success, of course, hinges on the original lens through which he sees the world and his ability to capture what he sees with one image. More fundamentally, though, it stems from his paying close attention to the news of the day, caring deeply about current events and having a moral compass with a magnet that always points true north.

He is much more than a cartoonist. He is a journalist and wise analyst of public affairs.

Charlotte, the state and Observer readers are fortunate to have him here. As a year-end gift, we present here some of Siers’ best work from 2016. Check out the slideshow. And brace for more in the new year.

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