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What's In Store

Eclectic wine bar with an art gallery coming soon to NoDa

If you’ve driven through NoDa recently, you may have noticed the squat black brick building on 36th Street near The Plaza that’s been under construction for about a year now. Local artist Nick Napoletano recently painted a multicolored swirl mural on its front facade.

The development will soon be home to an eclectic wine/coffee bar called Artisan’s Palate, which will occupy 2,500 square feet of space, according to Greg Godley and Andrew Blumenthal of Legacy Real Estate Advisors. A yoga studio will take up 4,200 square feet in the building, too.

Owner Christa Csoka describes Artisan’s Palate as “a community house” and a neighborhood hangout, complete with a coffee house and a full bar that’ll serve everything from wine to craft cocktails.

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It will also have a kitchen serving small plates that Csoka, a professional chef, said will be “elevated but comfortable,” and will change depending on what’s in season. The rotating menu will have 10-12 dishes at any time, and also will include charcuterie from Orrman’s Cheese Shop.

Csoka’s business partner, Christine Alter, is a German pastry chef who will make baked goods that’ll be sold each morning.

Other elements throughout the Artisan’s Palate will help create a homey feel, Csoka said. The bar and shelving is being done by Carolina Reclaimed, a local company that makes handcrafted furniture from reclaimed wood, for instance.

A nod to NoDa’s artistic roots, the Artisan’s Palate will also house a small gallery that every few months will feature work from local artists or artisans, from potters to jewelry makers to small-batch bourbon distillers, Csoka said. The gallery will double as a private dining room.

“(The concept) sounds all over the place, but in a way that’s really good,” Csoka said. “I’m trying to create a space where you can engage all of the senses.”

Two empty spaces remain in the development — one is 650 square feet, and the other is 2,500 square feet.

Construction on the building is mostly complete; all that’s left is some roof work and tenant upfits, according to the developers. Businesses are expected to open sometime in early 2019.

“We get a ridiculous amount of retail demand for the NoDa area. We wanted to go and supply some neighborhood services to the area,” Blumenthal said.

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